Sunday, 8 April 2012

Some Crafting

This is one of the first digital scrapbook pages I have made.

When Mr C asked me what I wanted for my Birthday at the end of February, I decided I wanted an easy-to-use graphics programme.  I had been trying for several months to understand how to use a very expensive professional programme that I had, to no avail.  Even with the help of the manual, I still couldn't figure out how to put together a page layout.  I had been watching Create and Craft (a TV shopping channel here in the UK selling all things craft related) and decided that this software was the one for me

Serif's Craft Artist Professional.

I can honestly say that from the moment I loaded it, I was hooked!

It really is easy-peasy.  I've only used a couple of the tools that are available and have downloaded two free digi-kits to play with, but my-oh-my, the results I think are fabulous!  Here's the second  page I made.

This was a scrapbook page encapsulating the moment when my father presented a boxed gavel and base to the Royal Engineers Association for use at their meetings.  This was a very poignant affair as it is likely to be the last outing my father takes as he is terminally ill.  This presentation was something he was determined to do despite being so ill.

I am very pleased with how this has turned out and have added two more pages showing other photos taken on the night.  I like the idea of hybrid crafting, where one combines both computer crafting and hand crafting and I am planning on adding a pocket on the middle band to the right, where I can keep a written record of the evening. I may also decoupage the flowers and ribbon. I printed this page out on smooth 250gsm paper, but feel it would look better printed on glossy photo paper, although the shabby look is more suited to a matt finish.  Decisions, decisions.  Once I've decided on what paper to use I will get the other pages printed off.  I already have twelve by twelve plastic page protectors that I can place these in and I can see that this will become the start of many more scrapbook pages telling the story of my life.

I am already planning on going back to my childhood for some pages, making pages about the dogs that have been in my life, pages about Mr C and keeping a visual diary of day-to-day life at Soggy Bottom.

I feel an obsession coming on!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, 'Til next time. Debs xxx

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