Sunday, 29 May 2011

Being Creative - May

Hello.  I was so looking forward to this month's challenge: HOME, but in reality, life got in the way and I've had little time to craft.  I did manage to quickly put a piece together and I am fairly pleased with the results, but feel it could have been much, much better had I allocated more time.  I spent just a couple of hours on this.

As there is no way I could draw a realistic teapot or cup and saucer, I found a couple of images on the web and printed them off.  I drew round them in black ink so I could see the images clearly and I tried a couple of different layouts.

Then I decided what papers I would use ...

and what background paper ...

I didn't have any thick paper or craft cardboard to hand so recycled a breakfast cereal box.  I thought the paper looked a little boring, so scored lines closely together to give it a bit of a lift before sticking it down.  You can just see this in the photo above.  I thought the scoring made it look more like wallpaper, which is the look I was aiming for.  Then all I needed to do was to cut out the teapot, cups and saucers and stick them in place. 

It didn't look quite finished so I cut a frame from some pink flowery paper and ran a pink felt tipped pen along the edges to soften it and to get rid of the white edge as I hate seeing the white cut edge of paper.

I then drew round all the images in pink glitter pen to make them stand out more.

I am quite tempted to put this up in the kitchen, but it will need a frame with glass,  which I do not have to hand.

Do you like it?  I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. Hello my lovely

    I love the idea of these homely objects (they signify comfort and home to me too). The collaged papers is a great idea, and they look really good outlined in the pen which gives them a nice definition.
    Thank you for taking part, it's been lovely to see what everyone has done this month.
    Sending love
    Julia x

  2. What an inviting scene! Would love to come over for a cuppa!

  3. What a cheerful colourful creation Debs, I love how everyone has a different take on 'home' and think tea's a great idea! I also like the way you have described all the deatils of how you put everything together.
    Hope it does find a prominent place in your kitchen!
    Ali ;-)

  4. very cute, love the colours and patterns you've chosen :-)

  5. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, This paper is very nice, beautiful and creative,,


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