Friday, 2 March 2012

Play Day

I've spent a happy day today crafting with my friend BetBet.
We usually have a craft day once a month where we do our own thing and chat and eat and sing... but this year I suggested we do something a little different.  Instead of doing what we fancied, and thereby always doing the same sort of crafting, why didn't the host of the day decide on what we would do?  This way we would push ourselves to do things we perhaps had never tried before and get out of the comfortable crafting rut that we've been wallowing in for some time.
As it was at my house today, it was my decision and I  went for Rosettes and Roses.  Now, I have only ever made one rosette and never roses, and BetBet doesn't often reach for paper (paint and glass being her specialist subject) so this was something I knew would fit the bill of 'pushing the boundaries' for the both of us.
My attempt was pitiful, but this was BetBet's

Good huh?

We then went on to make paper roses.  They were much more successful and we both enjoyed doing these.

I reached for my trusty Tim Holtz Distress Inks to add definition to the edges, whilst BetBet used her glass products

It took several attempts to get them to be consistent and I think I managed slightly better than BB, but then I use paper all the time.  Here are the fruits of our labours

As I mentioned earlier, we always have a treat, often Tunnocks Tea Cakes - we can't get enough of them!  Seriously, we LOVE these so much that  we restrict  our consumption to Girls Days ONLY!
We came up with the idea of seeing if we could make a rose from the foil wrapper.  BB stuck the foil to a piece of cardstock first for robustness, then set about making the rose.

I think they turned out very well, don't you?

We were also very, VERY naughty as we  had After Eight Mints as well!

I'd better not eat for the next week to balance out the calorie intake!

I hope you enjoyed the peek into my day.

'Til next time, Debs xxx

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  1. The rosettes are very pretty and I like the roses too, but I just LOVE the beautiful coloured buttons! :)


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