Saturday, 11 December 2010

In The Mood

Hello and thanks for stopping by today.  I thought I'd share a few old favourites to get us all in the mood for Christmas.

These have been doing the rounds of email land for many years but they still make me chuckle.

Now I'm off to bake mince pies and other Christmas stuff, write the few remaining cards still left to do and sing my heart out to the Christmas Carols CDs.  TTFN x

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  1. You're futher ahead than me - I haven't even started my cards yet! Nice to hear that someone else crochets the same as me - it doesn't bother me that I crochet "uncorrectly" (if that is a word!) as it's all I've known and I'm comfortable doing it this way. If I could crochet this way for tunisian crochet then I would but It's just a little difficult with such a long hook so for tunisian crochet it may have to be a different technique too!


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