Saturday, 23 October 2010


I am content.  I LOVE my life just as it is.  I am GRATEFUL for all I have. I have realised that there is no point in wishing for things that are unattainable and never going to happen, 'cos that is just using up energy; energy I don't have.  There is also no point in harbouring resentment or being jealous of others as this will eat away at you and bring illness and unhappiness.  After many years of feeling down in the dumps and having therapy and reading self-help books I have FINALLY realised that life is just TOO SHORT!  Perhaps its because I have nearly reached my half-century, I don't know.  I have managed until recently to live the whole of this year in positivity, that is until a couple of weeks back when I allowed myself to become very stressed at work bringing health-related consequenses from which I am still recovering.  I was doing soooo well but something snapped inside of me and I let in the doom and gloom.  It is very hard for me to climb back out of the dark hole once I've fallen in.  I am struggling to get a grip on the slippery slope to slowly haul myself back to the top.  However, I feel an air of optimism that is telling me all will be well again.  I just need to keep reminding myself that I am content with my life and that all is good.  As I sit here I am thinking of all that I am grateful for: a loving partner who has shared my life for over twenty years; a cosy little house that is stuffed full of dreams and memories; the freedom of working part-time; a plethora of wildlife on my doorstep in which to delight; enough money to not want or need for anything; indeed I am blessed. 

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  1. I am sorry to hear that things have not been so good for you - you are brave to talk about them on your blog and I admire you for that. Sometimes even just typing away on a keyboard can help you to make sense of everything - I wish you all the best in life :) xx


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