Monday, 11 October 2010

Orange and Pink

Aren't these lovely?  We have several Sedums (Ice Plants) dotted around the garden, most of which are self-sown.  They are the most intense pink colour and with their light, almost lime green leaves, the contrast is incredible and makes one's heart go skippety skip just looking at them.  They positively glow in the early evening sunlight.

It struck me as I was thinking of what to write about today, that October is the month of Pink and Orange; support for Cancer patients by wearing and  buying all things pink; the shades of orange of the leaves before they fall from the trees; Pumpkins ...

This is my very first attempt at pumpkin carving done last Halloween.  We never had pumpkins as children and I've always wanted to try my hand at carving a lantern, but the price of pumpkins and the thought that I was perhaps a wee bit too old to be doing such things had stopped me until my friend BB said she was going to be carving one (and she's older than me!) and suggested we make a day of it and do one each.  WE had so much FUN and laughed and LAUGHED.  We're going to be doing it again this year on Saturday 30th.  I'm supplying the pumpkins (Tesco usually have them on sale for around £1 these days - perhaps I'll carve two!) and we will be making pumpkin soup for lunch.

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