Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Walk to School

Friday mornings are always started by walking with my Goddaughter (K) to school.  Her mum needs to leave for work at 08.30am, but as school is just a five minutes walk away, and K doesn't need to leave until 08.45am, Grandma and Aunty Debra (me) take it in turns to do the "school run".  Grandma comes off worst as she does it four days a week!  I always hate having to get up early to do this, but once I'm up and out I really enjoy the fresh start to the day.

On the way to school this morning, not only did I strike up a conversation with a Grandad who was taking his two grandsons to school, who I strolled with as his two and my K ran ahead with gay abandon, but we saw a rather lovely spiders web glistening in the light and strung with diamonds from the dew.  Look ...

isn't it lovely?  This photo doesn't do it justice, of course, but we all stood there with our noses pressed close for a good look before the boys and K ran off again.

Its a foggy, damp start to the day here, but I can see a glimmer of sunshine and a ray of hope that the day will brighten up.  I struggle to stay positive on these dull winter days, but my spirits have been well and truly lifted by seeing the glittering diamonds and thoughts that nature truly is remarkable and gives us many gifts if only we use our eyes and look.

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  1. Beautiful picture! The dew dripping off that web is stunning!
    Thanks for the advice on the picture, I now see what I was meant to do.... click on the picture first before srying to save as! Oh well... next time I will have it sussed!
    Have a lovely day!


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