Thursday, 11 November 2010

November Already?

Hello and sorry I've been missing for a while.  I had an email from my sister which started 'where has the time gone?' and it got me wondering just what has happening to this year?  I mean it's November already and I've done nothing to speak of this year at all!  It's funny, but when one works full time you think you are so time poor that you really could do with working only part-time and when you do become lucky enough to work part-time, such as myself, after a few months of feeling time rich, you then start to feel time poor again and want to work no-time!  Are we never satisfied?  I have finally realised that I am one of life's muddlers. After ten years of working part-time and so having a few hours each morning to do chores at home, I still cannot get a routine going to ensure everything gets done that needs to be done, like the cleaning, the washing, the ironing.  My house is 'grubby around the edges'.  I'm not proud that it is like this, but I seem to be able to do nothing to keep it any differently.  Many years ago I wrote out a weekly To Do, spreading the housework chores out throughout the week and ensuring I had a little bit of 'me time' in there too and for a while all went swimmingly.  Then something happened to put me out of routine and for ages after, I struggled to get back to what was on the To Do.  And this is how its been ever since.  Weeks of good routine where things seem almost to get done by themselves and then weeks of procrastination and excuses and laziness which puts the home back into grubbiness.

It's a bit like that with my craft work too.  I have thousands of ideas all jamming up my brain and I feel desperate to get at least some of them made, but for one reason or another I sabbotage those good intentions too and end up doing nothing.  This blog also was a good intention that was supposed to be updated at least weekly, as I know I have the time. But, as is usual for me, it doesn't happen. Why?  Why am I like this?  Anyone out there got any ideas?

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