Saturday, 13 November 2010

Saturday Shopping

This morning I popped into a local charity shop for a look around and they have dedicated one window and almost half the shop to Christmas.  Naturally I went to have a rummage through the stuff and found a few bits that I just couldn't say no to, like these lovely place mats:

Sorry about the poor picture quality but the light here is not favourable for taking photos today; very dull and overcast.  There are four of these marked up at £1 each.  They are still starched as though they have never been used.  Not sure if I'll use them as table mats with food around, but I thought I could use them on top of the side board and small cupboard, or even on the top of the chest of drawers that sit on the landing, bringing a festive touch to the upstairs.  I also found these:

Tray cloths!  Two long and two round.  Here's a close up of the picture detail: 

Aren't they just gorgeous?  I saw a set almost identical to these on ebay a couple of weeks ago and was tempted to bid for them, but I'm really glad I didn't as the ebay starting price was £5 and I bought these for just £2.95!  Again I'm not going to let food anywhere near these; they will be used for decoration only - maybe as a base for some fancy candles that will not be lit or for a few of my (many) Christmas decorations.

And then I also bought this towel:

Its a small hand/guest towel that I thought my Godaughter, whose seven, could use for wiping her hands.  Its very thin and cheap but just right for messy children!  It will add a festive touch to the bathroom.  I also found and bought a jigsaw puzzle which is a Christmas bauble to hand on the tree when put together.  Its still in its shrink-wrap so could be given as a present but I'm really tempted to do it myself.  All in all a good morning's shopping.  All these treasures came in at just over £10.

I can't wait til Christmas.  I just LOVE the festive season and go completely over the top! 

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  1. Hellooooo!
    Lovely christmas shopping! I'm in denial this year, however seemed to have magically done a large portion of my shopping without realising it!
    As for the Queen Annes lace... have you done a ravelry search? there are various patterns and one may have a tutorial... I found it harder when I first learned to crochet, but just remember to turn at the end of each motif and make your next motif work upwards... I'd love to do a tuitorial, but don't want to go pinching someone elses pattern!
    Have a lovely day!


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