Friday, 28 January 2011

Tea Break

Hello, and thanks for dropping by.  Fancy a cuppa?  I'll put the kettle on. I've just discovered a rather fabulous new tea from Twinings:

Its a limited edition black tea called Rose Garden. Find it here. It smells divine and if you sip it with your eyes closed you can almost believe you are sitting amongst the roses in the height of Summer!  I've been doing this a lot this week as its so miserable and cold outside; rain then snow, then rain; I've had enough of it and whilst enjoying my escape to Summer I've been thinking about the significance of tea in many peoples lives.  A lot of problems are shared and solved over a cup of tea.  The first thing one does when under any sort of stress is reach for the tea pot.  Tea soothes and tea heals.  Everything seems a little bit better after a cup of tea.  And I LOVE it!

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