Sunday, 30 January 2011

Two Little Birdies

I've spent a few hours this weekend crocheting little birds.  I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time, but just haven't got around to it.  This was my first one:

Not bad for a first attempt, me thinks.  I apologise for the poor quality photo; too dark to take it indoors and still not really light enough outside, so the flash has washed the colour out.  It should be a sage green with pale pink button eyes and bright pink wings.  My second attempt turned out completely different, even though I used the same stich and type of wool:

So much better!  I crocheted the wings this time rather than using felt, and the button eyes were a creamy white with a brass pin and shank.  These were both made from whatever wool I had to hand and old buttons from the button tin, which holds buttons inherited from my Grandmother as well as my mother.  Here they are together:

You can really see the difference.  I much prefer Pink Lady.  The eyes are better, the beak is much, much better and she seems to have more character.  Green man looks a little sniffy turning his beak up like that!  What do you think?

I've really enjoyed making these and want to crochet lots more.  I can see them hanging on the tree at Easter, or even in the garden during the Summer.  My mind is buzzing with places to put them and I have one of two other ideas along the bird line that I want to try, but more about that another time.

Hope you've all had a crafty weekend.  Til next time XXX


  1. I think the blue one looks lovely - such a great colour too.

    Happy crocheting and 'hello' from the Boos and fellow Kentish folk.

    Nina xxx

  2. Yes I agree that the pink one has a charm to it which is lacking in the green one; possibly because of its beady eye! Will they not frighten the other birds out of your garden if you put them in the trees? xx :)

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  4. Hi Debs,

    Thaks for visiting us, and thanks for the birthday wishes too. I just love the little crochet birdies, they are adorable. Clever you!

    Laura x

  5. The pink one seems so much better because she is so better proportioned (the crocheted wings are right)....but I'm beginning to feel just a wee bit sorry for Mr Sage now!

  6. Ahhhh...the green one....maybe just a bad feather day? Cute anyways :)


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