Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Promise of Things to Come

Hello and thanks for stopping by today. I've had a wonderful Easter break, four whole days of pottering and spending time with friends and family, I feel renewed and ready to face what life throws my way.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, a little windy at times, but sun and more sun!  Its a shame this week isn't turning out to be as nice. Its much, much colder (by at least ten degrees!) and looks like it will rain at any moment, not that it has yet.
I was very excited to note over the weekend that several of my food seeds had germinated: french beans (above and below) and tomatoes (smaller seeds below)

and my cut and come again lettuce (or lettuce-pray as its know in this house) is positively romping

Its such a thrill!  I've sown carrots and sweetcorn too but no sign of those just yet.

The sun always makes one feel positive about things doesn't it? It also makes me realise just how dirty the windows are and the house in general so I've been on a bit of a spring cleaning mission lately and have done the downstairs areas, including the kitchen, but only a quick clean of the surfaces - the turfing out of the cupboards will be done after I've finished the rest of the house.  Upstairs is always tricky as the master bedroom hides a hoard of 'too-good-to-throw-away-might-be-useful' stuff under the bed which takes ages to move out and the other bedroom, which is called The Study as its a work room, well that has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Lets just say upstairs is going to be a challenge.

Well I guess I've done enough wittering for today.  I'm really looking forward to the Royal Wedding on Friday; I'll be glued to the telly all day, so I must make haste today and tomorrow and Get Things Done! TTFN xx

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