Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunny Saturday

With sky this colour, one just HAS to get outside and potter!  After a morning of essential shopping and banking, Mr C and I decided the garden was calling.  He continued with the mammoth task of removing a very large Leylandii, having previously cut all of the foliage off during the winter, he now has only the trunk to deal with. I put my hand to potting up the sweet peas I had sown in the autumn in to their final large pot.

They look rather bedraggled but once the sun has been on them for a day or two, I'm sure they will soon get going up the strings.  My only problem with doing this is that they will now have to live outside rather than on the bench in the greenhouse.  Having only a small greenhouse and one that is also used to store the recycling bins and various other bits and bobs, there isn't any room for a pot this size to stand. I do have a bit of fleece I can wrap around in the evenings and hope this will  provide enough protection until they 'harden off'.  Our garden is fairly sheltered and they have two chances - it will be a shame if they don't make it.  However, they could no longer stay in the greenhouse in their little tubes, as they were starting to look a little unhappy, probably because they were not getting enough food as they had so little compost around them.  Fingers crossed!

I also sowed tomatoes and sweetcorn this afternoon, which are now on the bench in place of the  sweet peas.

They look so lovely all lined up, side by side.  This picture was taken just before I pushed the sweetcorn seeds in half an inch and covered them over.  The polystyrene boxes are packing bits from the toners used in the photocopier at work.  I love that they look like little cauldrons. They work very well at keeping the pots warm.  The now very dirty polystyrene behind them is all saved packaging from various purchases by home or work.  Our neighbour has recently had a new kitchen and we chose several bits of packaging to add to our collection.  Our greenhouse is a cold house, we do not use any heat during the winter and so this polystyrene helps to keep things warm.

Its been such a lovely afternoon, doing my favourite thing - pottering. 

Til next time, TTFN xx

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  1. When I had a garden I didn't want it, but now I would love to be able to sit out in the fresh air or just potter like you have been doing. Never satisfied.....


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